Buckeye Eco® Muscle Cleaner E14


When you want spray and wipe jobs done right the first time, use Buckeye Eco Muscle Cleaner. Buckeye Eco Muscle Cleaner quickly liquefies and lifts soils for easy removal without hazardous ingredients. Buckeye Eco Muscle Cleaner removes graffiti, ball-point ink, permanent marker, crayon, pencil, black heel marks, food soils, grease, oil, dyes and most stains. With Buckeye Eco Muscle Cleaner, there’s no rinsing required and no residue left behind!


Achieve the best overall value for each dollar spent with the fully integrated Eco Proportioning Program, designed and manufactured with proprietary technology for you, the end-user, in mind. Effective, safer, economically and ecologically friendly chemistry; hermetically sealed, flexible and sustainable packaging; together with a simplistic approach to proportioning to protect and preserve your environment.